To cut your fingernails and smooth out jagged edges, ideally, the two tools you’ll want to have on hand are: a pair of nail clippers or manicure scissors a nail file or emery boardin this article, we’ll go over how to cut your fingernails with nail clippers and manicure scissors. We’ll also go over how to trim your nails without clippers, as well as the best type of file for your nails. Unlike everyday scissors, the blades of manicure, or nail, scissors end in a gentle curve that makes it easier to shape your nails. There are 2 functions of nail scissors:

Cut into your nail from the side

Finish smoothing and shaping



Cut into your nail from the side introduce.

With these scissors, you cut into your nail from the side. They cause less trauma to your nails than clippers. They’re also easier to control, which lets you make a more precise, smooth cut. But they can be hard to use with your nondominant hand.When working with scissors, the blades shouldn’t have a gap when you bring them together. As you cut, you want the blades to move against each other. Here’s how to use nail scissors.


Finish smoothing and shaping introduce.

Face the curve of the blade toward your nail, and gently cut from one side of the nail across the top to the other side. Use one smooth motion rather than several choppy ones.Be sure to cut all the way to the end of the nail so that the cut piece falls off. You shouldn’t have to tear or pull it off.The nail edge may be smooth after cutting with scissors, but you’ll likely want an emery board or file to finish smoothing and shaping it.