Pinking shears are simply a pair of scissors that have sawtooth shaped blades rather than straight ones and, when used for cutting, leave a neat and tidy zig zag edge. This zig zag edge is useful when cutting woven cloth which tends to fray. While the use of pinking shears does not stop the cloth from fraying it does minimize the damage by shortening the lengths of the fraying thread.It includes:

Suitable for trimming and cutting fabric

The history of pinking shear



Suitable for trimming and cutting fabric introduce.

Pinking shears, suitable for trimming and cutting fabric, leather, vinyl, cardboard. Meanwhile, shears, suitable for cutting fabric and other craft industries. Pinking shears, selected highquality stainless steel, sharp and durable. Pinking shears are used for cutting, trimming, and trimming leather products. Pinking shears for cutting, trimming and sewing clothing, etc. Meanwhile, shears, suitable for cutting fabric, leather, vinyl and other soft materials. What’s more, shears are suitable for all kinds of leather, sewing and trimming. Meanwhile, shears, suitable for all kinds of clothing cutting.


The history of pinking shear introduce.

Pinking shears were designed in 1931 by samuel briskman from brooklyn…however it is unclear how they were given their name. Some historians claim they were given the name “pinking” due to the historical meaning of the word pink which meant to pierce, stab, or make holes in. Others claim the name comes from pink carnations that have a similar scalloped edge to their petals. And finally one last theory believes that the term pinking was coined on savile row, a street in mayfair london that was famous for their men’s tailoring and that used the term pinking to refer to precision and care when referring to their scissors.