Product Details

Product Name: Cross stitch clothing cutting scissors
Material: Stain steel
Usage: tailor
Shape: Straight
Color: True color
Logo: Customized logo
Packing: 100pcs/ctn or 120pcs/ctn
Place of origin: Zhejiang,China(Mainland)
Feature: Convenience sharp Eco -friendly
Stainless steel multi-function home office scissors, plastic handle + stainless steel knife edge, firm and sharp, very easy to use. Widened handle design, reduced pressure grip, comfortable ergonomic design, fit hand shape, long-term use is not easy to fatigue. High-quality steel, the scissors are faster and sharper, the scissors handle can be opened up to the maximum extent, convenient for cutting, durable, home, office essential, high quality. It is used for cutting cotton, nylon, flannel, paper and other materials, and the cut edges are flat. It is ergonomically produced and does not feel tired for a long time. The cutting thickness is higher than the general stationery scissors in the market, and it is not easy to misplace when cutting paper.

The blade is sharp and features a selection of stainless steel, finely polished and sharp. The handle is designed to be comfortable. The rivet design is made of steel and is durable. Polished scissors, the surface is natural and the edges are sharp. Concave texture design, beautiful.

Thickened blade and flat body. The overall thickness of the scissors is 2mm, so that the scissors can be used for more material cutting, and it is not afraid of cutting thick materials. Polished blade, craftsmanship. Made of stainless steel, polished through multiple processes, the surface is natural and the edges are sharp. Craftsmanship, get rid of the pause. Say goodbye to pause, fast paced office. Reinforce the rivets, tough and firm. Rivets are used to smooth and secure the blade. Plastic handshaking, feel comfortable. With a plastic handshake, the comfortable feel is more comfortable to use.


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