How to use kitchen scissors

The shape of the kitchen scissors is the same as that of ordinary scissors. It is carefully removed and found to be a kitchen knife, a planer, a crab clip, a bottle opener, etc. It is sharp and durable, not easy to rust, easy to clean after use; Scissors storage box, it is attached to the refrigerator, easy to take.
Kitchen Knife: When you need to cut fruit and simmer onions, just open the scissors to a certain degree of curvature, you can unscrew a sharp kitchen knife, and easily handle the processing of ingredients before cooking and cooking in outdoor activities. Handling; it is also convenient for cutting fruit peels, melon skins, etc.;
Planer: The oval hollow design on the handle can be used as a planer, and the fruit peel and radish skin are very easy to use;
Scissors: can be used as kitchen scissors. The handle has a groove at one end, which can easily cut chicken bones, duck wings, etc. It is especially easy to use when making platters. The cut ingredients are neat and beautiful, and you can also use them as ordinary scissors.
Crab clip: The middle of the handle has hard teeth, which is the most convenient for clamping crabs and walnuts.
Bottle Opener: Located at the end of the scissors handle, you can easily open beer bottles, sauce bottles, etc.
Slotted screwdriver: The other end of the elliptical handle makes it easy to disassemble the screws.