We can custom scissors

We can custom scissors, including engraving logo on scissor, you can add your own brand name on that. Any color is can be choosed, such as silver color, gold color, black color. Besides the scissor shape also can customized. If you have your own design we can make it for you.  The packaging box bag, also can customized. welcome to send email to us.

We can wholesale scissors

Except the custom business, we also can wholesale scissors, you can choose from our website, or download our catalog, price list. choose from there. and send email to us, with your quantity and style. we will give you our best price, Even is small order we also happy to do that. if quantity more the price will more cheap, send email to us to know more!

About us

Welcome to scissors manufacturer, we are located in east China, we are direct manufacturer our product including, hair scissor, household, office, kitchen, student, kids, tailor, surgical scissor, pruning shears etc. We have a very big advantage in price and our production efficiency is very high. Fast delivery and have good after sales service, welcome to visit!

What we do for scissors

Custom logo

We can custom your own logo on scissors, such as engraving logo or printing logo on our products.

Custom your design

We can custom any shape scissors, if you have sperical design we also can custom make for you.

Custom packaging

We can custom the scissors packaging for you, such as packaging box, packaging bag, and other special packaging is no problem.

Office & Student Scissors

Which are generally used for office items, such as cutting paper or express boxes, are small and convenient.Student scissors, usually made of plastic, on the one hand do not hurt the hand, on the other hand are safe and light. Mainly suitable for the needs of the classroom.

General office scissors
creative office scissor
Student DIY household shear
colourful cross stitch shears

Hair & Pruning Scissor

Mainly scissor used in hairdressing shops to give customers haircuts, are usually sharp, long-lasting, easy to take.Tailor scissors are relatively large scissors used to cut fabrics, so the handle and the cutter head are relatively long, some heavy but sharp.

classic hair shear
new haircut shears
Pruning scissors
pepper grape scissors

Tailor & Surgical Scissor

Pruning scissors are mainly used for cutting gardens, flowers and trimming branches such as pruning leaves will use pruning shears.Medical scissors are generally used in medical applications. They are characterized by small size, exquisiteness and precision.

clothing scissor

professional shears

beauty scissors

high quality medical stainless steel shear

House & Kitchen Scissors

They are commonly used in a series of commonly used life scissor such as paper-cutting and cutting cloth. They are generally suitable for kitchen scissor like chicken bone scissor, shrimp scissors and other relatively hard-shell food scissor.

Golden alloy household scissor
household sewing scissors
kitchen large shears
multifunctional kitchen  shears

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Why Choose Us

  • Original manufacturer
  • Timely delivery
  • Fast communication
  • Quality checked
  • Good price
  • Packaging solutions
  • Reach approved

Free Sample

If you want see sample before order, we can send our stock sample, that is free. But if you have your own express account will perfect.

Fast Delivery

We make each order around 10~20days, if your order area urgently needed, we can fast a little, so you can get goods more fast.

Custom Sample

We can custom your own sample, but it will have a little cost for mold. we try as cheap as we can.

High Quality

We guarantee top quality for each of our products, we have quality control system make sure each order have perfect quality as we can.

Custom Packaging

We support customized packaging bag, packaging box, and carton box, you can design the packaging by yourself, we can make for you!

Return Policy

If goods have any damage in shipping, please take photo and give us details. we will make up for you.