How to distinguish the quality of hairdressing scissors

1, suitable for your own hand

Fit to the finger type because each designer’s finger shape and thickness are different. Usually, a person with a short finger can select a knife type with a lower blade handle than a static blade handle, so that the opening and closing is smoother. For people with thin fingers, the diameter of the ring will have a great influence on the sense of stability of use. Therefore, it is necessary to be cautiously dizzy, and each hand has a large shape and thickness.

2, scissors steel

The most important condition of a good scissors is the material. If you want to meet the requirements of professional designers, the hardness of the scissors must be more than 58~60.

3, hardness comparison table

Scissors process: Whether the quality of the scissors is excellent or not, in addition to the requirements of the steel itself, the precision of the process will affect the functionality and service life of the scissors. See if the handle is ergonomic, whether the scissors feel comfortable in the hand, whether the edge of the finger is round and smooth, whether the finger is comfortable inside, whether the tail ring is firm, whether the silencer position is correct, and whether the tip is closed.

4, test feeling

Because advanced scissors are made by hand and used by different people, they will have different feels. In order to ensure that you have a good hand when using it, you must first feel your grip to find the most comfortable feeling, and then whether the opening and closing of the scissors is easy and smooth. However, it is important to note that it must be opened and closed slowly.