Product Details

Product Name: Genuine high-end haircut scissors
Material: Stain steel
Usage: Haircut
Shape: V type
Color: True color
Logo: Customized logo
Packing: PP Bag
Place of origin: Zhejiang,China(Mainland)
Feature: Convenience simple
Stainless steel material, 3Cr13 stainless steel material, durable, not easy to rust, knife edge after secondary grinding treatment, making the cutting edge sharp. Flat scissors, even and smooth cutting line, sharp edge, suitable for flat cutting, bangs, hair tail trimming, etc. Sharp teeth, knife body neat, different length, 21 teeth design, sharp teeth, sharp cutting teeth, good sharpness, do not clip hair, suitable for hair thinning, become sparse effect. PP plastic handle, comfortable grip, plastic handle, easy to handle, lighter than all-steel handle, no impact between the handle when haircut.

Hair-cutting scissors are durable, meticulous and sharp. Especially, special steel with ice calcination is used to make moderate length, comfortable and convenient for whole and part hair-cutting.

Scissor Maintenance:

1. Because this product has been closely inspected before leaving the factory, the screw has been adjusted to the best position, please do not move easily.

2. Don’t cut air easily.

3. High-quality steel with high sharpness, please pay attention to safety in the use process, and pay attention not to touch the bottom skin casually.

4. Clean up the residue on the blade in time after use. If necessary, apply a small amount of lubricant on the inside of the blade and screw.

5. Hair scissors must be carefully kept, handled and handled lightly. Do not throw them randomly, which will destroy the tightness of the scissors.

6. Do not use to cut metal objects, so as not to destroy the blade, can not be used as casually as ordinary scissors, otherwise it will greatly shorten the service life, this product is only used for hair reduction.



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