General characteristics of office scissors:

Multi-function stainless steel scissors, sharp, hard, compact, easy to cut paper, cut leather, convenient for your life. It is a good helper to go out at home. Stainless steel features corrosion resistance, strong oxidation resistance, high hardness, not easy to deform during use, no damage due to material damage, oxidation effect. The details determine the quality and the quality determines the future. The color is bright, the design is exquisite, the color is fresh and beautiful, the elegant and elegant, the fashion is beautiful, and the cleaning is convenient. Quality assurance, made of high-quality materials, durable, not easy to rust, sharp, environmentally friendly, is a good helper for life. Comfortable handle, ergonomic design, comfortable to grasp, easy to use, practical, smooth and smooth, will not hurt your hand. The cut-out design and the flat-fit cut-out design can achieve excellent results when cut at any position, and the rivet fixed design process is durable.

Scissors maintenance:

One. The scissors are cleaned with water, and the scissors are wiped dry with a clean towel. Wrap the towel on the scissors, turn it back and forth, wipe the scissors clean, and then gently place it.

two. Scissors should be placed in a place that is ventilated and ventilated without acid or alkali corrosion.