Is the scissors good for stainless steel or high carbon steel?

Stainless steel is not easy to rust, if it is martensitic, the quenching edge can also be used, but it will rust after a long time.

The strength and hardness of high carbon steel can make the cutting edge faster, but it is easy to rust, no matter what the steel is used.

To understand the characteristics and price of these two materials, you can choose a better one:

1, usually stainless steel scissors are made of 2CR13, and 3CR13, the hardness of these two materials is about HRC46-52, and can not be relatively easy to rust.

2, the hardness of high carbon steel is about 56 degrees HRC, so it is harder and sharper, but it is very easy to rust.

To sum up, it is more cost-effective to use high-carbon steel scissors if it is used in industrial production, because high-carbon steel is cheaper and cheaper. If it is used at home and does not need to change frequently, you can consider the “front knife” scissors 5CR15 steel, the hardness also reaches about HRC56 degrees, the price is only a little more expensive than ordinary steel.