Product Details

Product Name: Classic clip haircut and hairdressing scissors
Material: Stain steel
Usage: Haircut
Shape: Straight head
Color: True color
Logo: Customized logo
Packing: 100pcs/ctn or 120pcs/ctn
Place of origin: Zhejiang,China(Mainland)
Feature: Convenience sharp  simple
Professional haircut, durable, meticulous workmanship, good sharpness, especially using ice calcination treatment. Suitable for Oriental body shape and feel. Special stainless steel imported from Japan is manufactured with moderate length, which is convenient for overall and partial moulding and trimming.

Product features:

1. Using alloy stainless steel blade

2. High precision and low friction rotary shaft, rugged and durable.

3. The scissors are made of ABS engineering plastics and ergonomic design.

Modern household scissors are made of ferrovanadium material. The cutting thickness can be several times that of the existing ordinary scissors. Because of the good knife edge bonding, the cutting times at the tip of the scissors can be more than 5000 times. Vanadium is an important alloy additive in iron and steel industry. Vanadium can improve the strength, toughness, ductility and heat resistance of steel. The use of such scissors in general households can avoid the grinding of scissors.



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